How to Use Amethyst Crystals on Minecraft

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, ranging from almost white to deep violet. Amethyst crystals are the birthstone associated with February and are considered both physical and emotional healers.  Their energy is used for balance, harmony, patience and peace making them wonderful stones to use in many types of meditations.

Amethyst is also an invaluable tool in protecting against psychic attack and clearing away negative energy. Have you ever encountered someone who seemed angry or upset for no reason? Were they argumentative or just plain mean? This is usually caused by the presence of negative energy around them that has become attached to their aura.  The best way to remove this type of energy is with a light touch. Amethyst crystals are perfect for this.

An amethyst cluster can also be used to cleanse your chakras in case they have become clogged when exposed to negative energy over time. A chakra, which is any point on the body where energy flows through, is connected directly to the aura. As a result, if your chakras cannot function properly, your life force can be depleted or can become blocked at these points.

How to grow amethyst crystals

To grow amethyst crystals on your Minecraft world, start by placing obsidian in the four corners of an area with five blocks high and seven blocks across.  This will create a diamond shape that you can then fill in with water that automatically flows through the center to the top.   This is known as a nether reactor.

When the reactor is active it will begin to generate heat, causing lava to rise up through the bottom. The lava should eventually form a circle, while water flows into the center and then back out again.  This flow of water will cause amethyst crystals to grow on the sides of any obsidian that is touching it.

How to find amethyst crystals in Minecraft

Amethyst crystals can be found at any elevation, including underground caves. However, amethyst veins are more plentiful on the surface of the Nether or in abandoned mineshafts. Luckily, if you already have some amethyst growing near your home, these locations are easy to find!  Just look for dark purple blocks with sparkles emanating from them.

The most obvious way to harvest amethyst crystals is by breaking them with a pickaxe or shovel, but you can also remove the entire vein of growth by placing water on top of the exposed obsidian underneath it.  This will cause the entire structure to dissolve, dropping all of its contents.  Don’t worry if you break the crystals. Just re-plant and they should grow back in no time!

The benefits of using amethyst crystals in Minecraft

Using amethyst crystals in Minecraft is an excellent way to get more out of your game. Not only will it improve the way you play, but it can also make managing your world more efficient and enjoyable! The best part about using these crystals is that they are simple to use and require no special equipment.   If you already have an amethyst cluster growing in your Minecraft world, all you will need to do is add water.  However, if you don’t have any crystals on your map yet, take a look at the steps above and get started! Soon enough, you’ll find yourself enjoying this beautiful purple addition to your Minecraft game.


Amethyst crystals are the perfect way to spice up your Minecraft world. They change the look of ponds, rivers and oceans entirely, allowing you to replace water with deep purple waves that sparkle in the sunlight! Using these amazing points on your map can also help you create helpful resources like obsidian or amethyst tools, which can be used to enhance your gameplay even further!

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